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Michael Dalton: City Clerk

Incumbent City Clerk Michael J. Dalton was born in Athlone, Westhmeath County Ireland on September 26, 1945. He arrived in the United States with his parents in 1950 and later move to their permanent home located in what is known as the east end neighborhood of Waterbury. He attended Barnard Elementary School and graduated from Crosby High School, going on to further his education at Central Connecticut State University. 

Michael was drafted and entered the United States Army on November 29, 1966. Following his advanced infantry training, he received orders that would send him to the battlefield of Vietnam. During this time with the Seventh Cavalry Unit in An Khe, Camp Radcliff, Central Highlands, he served in many capacities; Radio Operator on patrols, hundreds of hours of flying time from An Khe to Hue. In charge of truck convoys on the Ho Chi Minh trail delivering weapons and supplies into - at times - hotLZs.  

As a soldier, he placed value on the importance of duty, honor, and country. Not to substitute words for action; but to face the stress and spur of difficulty and challenge. Learn to stand up in the storm and continue an expression of the ethics of the American Soldier. He often remembers, “we were soldiers once… and young.” 

Since the end of his military service, Michael Dalton has continued to serve the city of Waterbury. He is seeking his eighth term as City Clerk; is on the Board of Directors for the Greater Waterbury YMCA and Boys & Girls club; is a member of the Waterbury Veterans Committee, Knights of Columbus 4th Degree, Wounded Warrior Project, and also the Waterbury Ancient Order of Hibernians. He is also the contact person for Veterans Affairs for the City of Waterbury and Chairperson for Mayor O’Leary’s Kidsmarathon Program. 

Michael is a member of a number of other clubs, and accrued three more degrees in 2012: American Military University, Politics and Government, and the Immigrant Experience. He has served his country and his city as honorably and as efficiently as one could ever ask for, and deserves to keep doing so. Vote for him on Row A this November so he can. 

Please get out and support Michael Dalton and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts 


Stephen Conway: Sheriff

Incumbent Sheriff Stephen Conway has been serving in the role for the past 16 years. He brings a wealth of experience to our Row A ticket and the city of Waterbury. Steve’s service goes beyond his role as Sheriff. He also serves the Brass City through his membership on the Brooklyn and East Mountain Neighborhood Associations, Ancient Order of Hibernians, Knights of Columbus, and the Waterbury Democratic Town Committee. 

Steve is a guaranteed participant at the annual citywide Earth Day cleanup, and is also a proud sponsor of the Community Tabernacle Outreach Center’s youth basketball tournament. He’s also a parishioner at both St. Joseph Church and the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. 

The Conway family has provided Waterbury with several decades of public service and Steve carries the torch in keeping the tradition going. 

Please get out and support Steve and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts 


Chick Spinelli: Town Clerk

Antoinette “Chick” Spinelli is the incumbent Town Clerk; and a long-time resident and public servant to the city of Waterbury. She was raised here and graduated from JF Kennedy High School in 1974. From there she went to work for the Bank of Boston for over a decade, where she held a number of posts. She then ran and owned her own Chick’s Coffee Shopfrom 1987-1993, and was the bookkeeper for the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church afterwards

Chick left that position in 2002 when she was first elected Town Clerk for the city of Waterbury. She has held the position ever since and has accrued a number of accolades during her service: She was awarded the Blice Clemow award by the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information in 2012, “For her outstanding leadership in helping to pass legislation promoting open and accountable government.” She earned the honor of the Above and Beyond Award from the Connecticut Town Clerks Association in 2013, and was also named Town Clerk of the Year in 2013 as well. She has been an influential member of the Connecticut Town Clerks Association since 2011, and served as president from 2017-19. 

She has thrived in the role of Town Clerk, and shown an uncanny ability to adapt to the steady changes her office faces since she took over in 2002. There is no one better to serve in the position of Town Clerk for the City of Waterbury, and that’s why she needs your support this fall. 

Please get out and support Chick and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts 


Ernie Brunelli: Board of Alderman

Ernie is a lifelong Town plot resident and attended Waterbury Public Schools. He earned his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from Western Connecticut State University. In addition, he is a veteran of the United States Army where he was a member of the Military Police. Ernie then went on to become a State (CT) Police Sergeant and a Protective Service Officer with the Federal Protective Services (DHS). 

In 2003 he was appointed to the Democratic Town Committee and then the Zoning Commission in 2004. Ernie was elected to Board of Alderman in 2009 and has maintained perfect attendance for meetings throughout his decade of service.

He currently serves as Majority Leader on the Board of Alderman and as intergovernmental chairman and the liaison to zoning commission. He was formerly liaison to Board of Education and the Charter Revision Commission.

In 2013, Ernie authored the dog ordinances for the city of Waterbury protecting citizens from vicious dogs and dogs from neglectful owners. 

Ernie also served the community by teaching martial arts for over 40 years and giving free women’s self-defense seminars. He has also instructed police, corrections and security officers. He is also a member of the Elks 265, Meadow Social Club, Eagles Club, AM Vets, VFW, and Fraternal Order of Police.

Please get out and support Ernie and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts 


Chris D’Orso: Board of Alderman

Chris D’Orso was born and still resides in the city’s Town Plot neighborhood. He is a parishioner of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, attended Tinker and West Side Middle School and went on to graduate from Holy Cross High School. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from Central Connecticut State University and has worked in the housing and development industry since 2001.

Chris was appointed Police Commissioner in 2004 and has been Chairman of the Board of Police Commissioners since 2011. In addition, he was a member of the 2010 and 2014 Charter Revision Commissions. He served as Mayor O'Leary's treasurer for the 2011, 2013, and 2015 campaigns, is a member of the Waterbury Democratic Town Committee and is former Vice President and a longtime member of the Italian American Democratic Club, which was established in 1910.

Chris was elected to the Board of Aldermen in 2017 and currently serves as Vice Chairman of its Intergovernmental Committee as well as liaison to the Waterbury Police Department BOC. He has continued to work to improve quality of life in the district, focusing on blight and public safety issues. He is a proud supporter of our first responders and our veterans and is honored to have been a co-sponsor with a bi-partisan group of his colleagues to introduce the Gold Star Family City proclamation.

He is also involved in the community having volunteered for many organizations such as the Fischang-Cicchetti Road Race, the Salvation Army, Waterbury Earth Day Clean Up; and also as a member of the Waterbury Sportsmen’s Club where he serves on the Scholarship Committee which has given out hundreds of thousands of dollars to local high school students, the Pontelandolfo Community Club where he has worked as a volunteer at the annual Festa di San Donato, the BPO Elks Waterbury Lodge 265, the Brooklyn neighborhood's historic Meadow Social Club, and the Waterbury Portuguese Sports Club.

Please get out and support Chris and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts 


Victor Lopez Jr: Board of Alderman

Victor Lopez Jr., was born in Brooklyn, NY. At an early age his family moved to Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. Subsequently, during his teenage years they relocated to Waterbury, CT where he graduated from Wilby High School, and attended the Waterbury State Technical Institute. Victor holds a Theological Degree in World Religions and Business Management, and an Accounting Diploma. 

Helping the community has always been very important to Victor, and his desire to help others served as a motivational factor to become a Minister. His devotion led him to become an ordained Minister and a high-ranking official as Treasurer of the International Board of Directors of the Congregation of Yahweh, Inc. 

Victor’s longing to help, motivate, and encourage others has helped him excelled as past-Treasurer and President of the Hispanic Coalition of Greater Waterbury, Inc., Board of Directors at the Palace Theater; Brass City Harvest, LTU Committee at the Department of Labor; Waterbury Neighborhood Council, Woodrow Wilson Governance Council, ESL Advisory Board at Stone Academy, and the CT Hispanic Democratic Caucus.  

Currently, Victor serves as the Executive Director of the Hispanic Coalition of Greater Waterbury, Inc. Daily he finds himself planning, developing and executing social services programs intended to empower members of the community by meeting their immediate needs while creating a venue for a bright and prosperous future. 

He is also a proud member of the Board of Directors of New Opportunities, Inc., and sits on their Finance Committee; IMTI, Inc. Board Member, Waterbury Working Cities Challenge CORE Team Member, and a three-term Alderman for the City of Waterbury, serving as President Pro-Temp. In 2014, Victor received the Boys & Girls Club Humanitarian Award for Outstanding Community Services, and in 2019 Victor was recognized by the CT General Assembly for his Leadership and Contributions to his Community. In 2014 Victor served as Chairman of the 5th Congressional District Democratic Convention and was selected as Honorary Chairman of the 2014 CT State Democratic Convention. 

During his time off, Victor along with his beautiful wife of 22 years, Frances, relish every second enjoying the most precious gifts they have ever received, sons Jakob and Matthew.

Please get out and support Victor and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts 


Belinda Weaver: Board of Alderman

Alderwoman Belinda Weaver was appointed to the Second District a year ago. One of her most outstanding qualities is her loyalty. She has only had to work two jobs since 1976, and has been with the State of Connecticut Department of Developmental Services since 1988. Before that she worked for Century Brass Products for over a decade.

Her two positions have given her a wealth of experience in the area of workers benefits and proper hiring practices. She has great knowledge of what it means to be working class, and what benefits are needed to support and create a strong working class. 

Weaver is also a graduate of Post College, and is affiliated with a number of clubs in the community. She is an executive board member for the Waterbury Black Democratic Club, a Chairperson at WOW, NRZ Association INC., serves on the Board of Directors for New Opportunities Inc., is the Vice President of Brass Center Residences; a member of the Zion Baptist Church and their Trustee Board, and a member of the Waterbury Neighborhood Council. 

Her loyalty and commitment has greatly benefitted where she’s worked, and the clubs she’s affiliated with. It will benefit the city of Waterbury as well, so vote Row A and re-elect Alderwoman Belinda Weaver. 

Please get out and support Belinda and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts.



Paul Pernerewski: Board of Alderman

Paul K. Pernerewski, Jr. is a lifelong resident of Waterbury, and has served on the Waterbury Board of Aldermen since 2002, including six years as Democratic Majority Leader and ten years as President, an office he currently holds.  He also serves on the Board of Directors and on the Executive Committee of the Waterbury Development Corporation, as Secretary of the Palace Theater Group Board of Directors, as Chairman of the Waterbury Development Authority and as a member of Waterbury Inlands Wetlands and Watercourses Commission. He is also a member of the Waterbury Democratic Town Committee, and the Italian-American Democratic Club.  He was formerly an honorary member of the Ponte Club.    

Paul grew up in Town Plot and now lives in Bunker Hill.  He and his wife, Kim, have three sons, Justin, Aaron, and Pauly.  They are parishioners of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.  

A 1975 graduate of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Elementary School and a 1979 graduate of Holy Cross High School, Paul earned a B.S., summa cum laude, in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut in 1983 and a Juris Doctor from the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C., in 1986.  From September 1986 through September 2013 Paul served as Assistant Attorney General for the State of Connecticut.  From 1987 through 1997, he taught Business Law part-time at Naugatuck Valley Community-Technical College as an adjunct faculty member.  

Since September, 2013, Paul has served as General Counsel for the Connecticut Airport Authority.  

Paul was chairman of the 2002 Charter Revision Commission, which modernized and streamlined the city charter, putting in place a number of reforms and safeguards to protect the City and its residents from the sort of fiscal calamity that loomed in 2001.  He served for a number of years as the Vice Chairman of the Waterbury Zoning Commission.  He has served as chairman of the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Civil Service and Human Resources, which completely updated the City’s hiring practices and personnel procedures; on the board of the Waterbury ACE Mentoring Program, a city-wide program designed to help encourage high school students to pursue careers in architecture, construction or engineering; and on the Parish Council of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish.

Please get out and support Paul and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts


Michael Salvio: Board of Alderman

Alderman Michael Salvio is the living embodiment of a public servant, and is known around the city of Waterbury as the Parks man. 

Before dedicating his life to the city, he got his Bachelors of Education and History from Western Connecticut State University, and his Masters of Education and Asian Studies from Central Connecticut State University. 

Alderman Salvio then worked for a decade as a teacher, and for nearly thirty years as a real estate agent for the Greater Waterbury Board of Realtors. 

Since his retirement, Alderman Salvio has served the city; and earned the nickname, “the Parks man.” Sadly, a Marvel movie isn’t being made for him, but maybe it should.

Alderman Salvio currently serves as the Vice Chairman and Alderman Liaison of the Waterbury Park Commission, the Alderman Liaison of the Waterbury Public Arts Committee, as the Vice President of the Fulton Park Conservatory, and in a number of other community roles. He has been awarded the Salvation Army Volunteer of the Year Award, the Waterbury Sportsman’s Club Community Service Award, the Waterbury Neighborhood Council Volunteer of the Year Award, the Yeshiva K’Tana Neighborhood Accomplishment Award, the Waterbury Garden Club Volunteer Award, and the Waterbury Beautification Commission Volunteer Award. 

His personal decoration is at the level of NBA legend Michael Jordan, and he did get a superhero movie. While we can’t get Alderman Salvio a movie made about him, we can all vote for him. 

Please get out and support Michael Salvio and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts


Jetlir Kulla: Board of Alderman

In Jetlir’s first term as an Alderman for the 4th District he has shown that his experience in a professional environment and in community functions has made him a perfect fit for a Waterbury Alderman. Jetlir is a community-minded, hardworking, and driven leader who has been a welcome addition to the Board.  

What has stood out most is Jetlir’s ability to interact with people, though that hasn’t come as a surprise. Throughout his time in Waterbury, Jetlir and his family have been active members of the Albanian Community Center on Raymond Street.

12 years ago, it was Jetlir’s father - who was President of the Community Center - and the community board that decided to initiate the Annual Albanian Festival. For all 12 years since, Jetlir and his family have been fully dedicated to the cause. They’ve taken time off of work before, during, and after the festival; adding to the robust support base of volunteers that make the event possible. 

Jetlir is proud to see how the Albanian Community has stepped up its interactions with the greater Waterbury community. Jetlir believes the values he has learned from his family and heritage will allow him to serve the East End residents of Waterbury and give them strong representation in local government. 

Please get out and support Jetlir and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts 


Michael DiGiovancarlo: Board of Alderman

Running for re-election in the 4th District on our topline Row A team is Alderman Mike DiGiovancarlo. He’s a terrific public servant and has been apart of the Brass City community for his whole life. 

Mike is a graduate of St. Anne’s Grammar School, Sacred Heart High School, and then attended Post University. He is currently a Waterbury police officer, a board member of the Boys and Girls Club, a member of the Italian-American Democratic Club, and a member of the 1900 club. 

In his approach to politicking, Mike is a fighter. As Alderman, he vows to fight against tax scofflaws and the out of state plates they possess, continue to fight against apartment developments in the Hitchcock Road Neighborhood, and also continue to fight against blight and keep the 4th District neighborhoods clean. 

He will also continue to support economic development in the 4th District and throughout Waterbury. He will continue to support our seniors and ensure they are treated with dignity and respect by supporting development in 55 and older communities, and support a K-8 Wendell Cross School so that hard working families in East Mountain and the East End will stay in the neighborhoods they have chosen to live and raise a family in. 

Please get out and support Mike and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts 


Brenda Liz-Cotto: Board of Alderman

Incumbent Alderwoman Brenda Liz Cotto was born and raised in Caguas, Puerto Rico. She moved to the City of Waterbury on September 2011, and was appointed by Mayor Neil O’Leary as an Alderwoman for the 5th Aldermanic District on October 2016. She serves on the Intergovernmental Committee, the Environmental Control Commission, and the Human Rights Commission. Brenda Liz is currently working with the Waterbury Working Cities Challenge Initiative; the CHRO Advisory Committee and the Equity Matterz Initiative as an advocate for equity and equality.

She is the founder and CEO of Warrior Princess, Inc., a non-profit organization created to serve, embrace, and empower women and children; especially victims and survivors of domestic violence. She is also the executive Director and Producer of the TV Show Latinos En Acción, transmitted through Skye Cable XIII.

Cotto’s commitment to others doesn’t stop there, she is a statewide trainer, teacher, and presenter for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI); a board member of the NAMI CT, a member of the NAMI CT Education Committee, a member of the Hispanic Democratic Caucus, and Chair of the Program Committee.

She is a Waterbury Community Messenger, and a partner through Warrior Princess, Inc. of the Bridge to Success Partnerships.

Brenda is the mother of a young female adult and two male adolescents; actively involved in the education system serving as Co-Chair of the Wilby HS School Governance Council. She’s also a parent advocate as a chaperon for educational activities that are conducted to improve the students’ education and school experiences.

She attended the University of Puerto Rico, completing courses in Accounting and Business Administration; and is currently looking to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Bridgeport.

Brenda Liz' mission is to serve, embrace and empower South End residents; and her vision is an innovative and revitalized Waterbury.

Please get out and support Brenda Liz and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts 


Sandra McCarthy-Martinez: Board of Alderman

Under the current administration of Mayor Neil O’Leary (D), and as a current member of the Board of Alderman, Sandra is a part of a team that provided the following: 




  • Approved the remediation and construction of the Brass City Harvest Food Hub
  • Approved the remediation of Municipal Stadium Restroom and Locker rooms
  • Approved the renovation and construction at Library Park
  • Approved the demolition of the Anamet building located at 698 South Main Street in Waterbury
  • Worked with City leaders to bring a park and baseball field to an abandoned property located at 313 Mil Street
  • Approved demolition of blighted property to improve the quality of life in Waterbury.

Sandra is the first Latina woman to serve on the Board of Alderman. She’s also the first Latina woman to be Chairwoman of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Board of Alderman. The other roles she currently holds are the Board of Alderman Liaison for the Silas Bronson Library and the Department of Public Health. She also volunteers once a week as an ESL tutor for Literacy Volunteer of Greater Waterbury.

As an Alderwoman in the City of Waterbury, Sandra will continue to be a part of a team that improves the City of Waterbury. She would like to continue to be the voice of the community she serves, because she knows there is more work to be done.

Please get out and support Sandra and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts


Liz Brown: Board of Education

Elizabeth Crichton Brown, first elected to the Waterbury Board of Education in 2011, has served for eight years on the Board, four of which as President.  A former teacher at Saint Peter and Paul School, 1978-1984, she became a State Representative for the 74thDistrict, East End of Waterbury, from 1987 to 1992. She received many awards for her work on the State Recycling law and advocacy for children and families.

After her legislative tenure, she became the Legislative Director for the State Commission on Children, promoting public policies for children and families including the pre-school School Readiness grant; anti-bullying, childcare, health care, fatherhood initiative, and the Neighborhood Revitalization Law, (NRZ). Waterbury became the first city to adopt the NRZ model for neighborhood revitalization focused on a partnership with neighborhood residents and municipal government. 

Mrs. Brown is an active community volunteer serving as Co-Chair of the School Readiness Council; Chair of the Mayor’s Early Childhood Cabinet; Chair of the United Way Education Impact Council; and also state organizations including the Executive Board of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education; and Board Member of the State Education Resource Center. 

Mrs. Brown is a lifelong resident of Waterbury, attending St. Mary’s Grammar School, Waterbury Catholic High and Notre Dame College, Staten Island, earning a B.A. in History. She is married to Lynn Richard Brown and has three grown children, Kristin Mitnick, Lynn R. Brown III, and John S. Brown and five grandchildren, ages 13 to 20 years old. 

Please get out and support Liz and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts 


Chuck Pagano: Boar of Education

Chuck Pagano is an incumbent member of Waterbury’s Board of Education and its current commissioner. He graduated from the University of Hartford in 1984 with his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. Prior to getting his degree, Chuck had been working at ESPN since 1979, before its debut. He remained with the company for 35-years, and served as Chief Technical Officer from 2011 until his retirement. 

Chuck’s work has led to his induction into three separate Hall of Fame’s: Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame (‘12), Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame (‘13), and the Consumer Technology Association Hall of Fame (‘16). 

Chuck was inspired to lend his talents to public service following his retirement thanks to a speech Mayor Neil O’Leary gave at Post University’s 2013 Commencement where he stressed the importance of public service. Chuck has thrived since. 

He served as the Chairman of the District Reappointment Commission which established the current Alderman mandate. Chuck also serves in a number of positions alongside his role as Commissioner of the Board of Education: Vice Chairman for the Naugatuck Community College Foundation, Commissioner for the Waterbury Board of Education, Chairman for the Northwest Connecticut Public Safety Communication Center’s oversight committee, and President for Holy Land Waterbury. 

Chuck also volunteered to the City of Waterbury as a management adviser to the outgoing past Superintendent of Education and advised the Mayor on the Sewage Treatment Plant’s spillage into the Naugatuck River. Lastly, he has earned two more degrees over the past 12 years: Masters in Organizational Psychology (UHart, ‘07) & Masters in Liberal Studies (Wesleyan, ‘18). Chuck is a jack-of-all-trades and master of some. His experience and insight has served Waterbury immensely over the years, and we need it to continue. 

Please get out and support Chuck and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts 


Sweeney: Board of Education

Ann Sweeney is a lifelong resident of Waterbury. She currently works at Hubbard Hall Inc as a customer service representative. On the Board of Education, she currently serves as Commissioner - a position she was first elected to in November of 2004 - while also serving as Secretary and as the chair of Policy and Legislation. 

The three committee’s she serves on are Building and School Facilities, Grievance (vice chair), and School Personnel (vice chair). Last but not least, she is the Board of Education Liaison to the Board of Alderman. 

Ann is clearly an incredibly valuable member of the Board of Education, and here’s a personal anecdote from her on some of her accomplishments: 

When I came on the Board in Jan of 2005, I began a committee on Legislation to facilitate a working relationship with our State delegation regarding legislation that impacts education. That committee was finally initiated and has become an effective partnership with our state delegates. We meet annually before the start of the legislative session. It is a well attended and productive meeting.

I have served each year as a Waterbury delegate to the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education Delegate Assembly. I served as the CABE representative for the State High School reform task force. I attend the CABE convention each year and attend multiple learning workshops. I also attend other CABE workshops throughout the year.

Ann is also a member of the Waterville Community Club where she serves as club secretary and she has been a volunteer on the Waterbury Juvenile Review Board since 2013. 

Please get out and support Ann and all of our top line Row A Democrats on November 5th! #brasscitydems #rowA #topline #cleareyesfullhearts 

Approved by Neil M. O'Leary. Paid for by O'Leary 2019, Tracy DiGiovancarlo, Treasurer